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Gourneyras a review (By Dr. Reinhard Buchaly)

Seven years have passed since the EKPP laid line in the Gourneyras. What has changed in the meantime?

There are a lot of new faces in the team, who were the first time at the Gourneyras, and even my dive partner for the last three years Markus has never dived this place before. All the previous dives at the Gourneyras were done with Micha, but when I look at the pictures Markus is doing an excellent job.

This is the most difficult part of DIR cave diving, finding a dive partner, who is not only a good diver, but also fits on the human side.

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The Year 2010 (By JP Bresser)

After the tough year 2009 with lots of disappointments created by either too much or too little water and the gods of weather fighting us, we decided to shift dates this year.

Lots of plans to visit old friends and extend exploration, but also lots of new opportunities along the way

I guess this comes with the game of cave exploration and maybe also is one of the factors that contributes to its attraction, the unknown and unexpected .......

Anyway, this year we are back in business, read all about it!!!!!

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